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Minimum Wages – Odisha


Minimum wages revised for Odisha w.e.f. October 2018 till 31-03-2019


Sr. No.Scheduled EmploymentUnskilledSemi-SkilledSkilledHighly Skilled
2Automobile Servicing, repairing, Garages and work shops280320370430
3Ayurvedic and Unani Pharmacy280320370430
4Bakeries and confectioneries and280320370430
 Biscuit making    
5Bamboo forest establishments280320370430
6Brass and Bell Metal Industry280320370430
7Manufacture of Brush and  Brooms280320370430
8Carpet Weaving Industry280320370430
9Cashew Process Establishments280320370430
10Contingent and Casual employees in Government and other establishments280320370430
11Ceramic and Pottery Industry280320370430
12Cement Pipe making and allied products industry280320370430
13Chemical Industry280320370430
14Cinema Industry280320370430
15Clay, Pottery280320370430
16Manufacture of Coke and burning coal280320370430
17Collection of Sal Seeds280320370430
18Construction, maintenance of dams and embankments irrigation projects, sinking of wells and tanks280320370430
19Construction or Maintenance of roads or in building operations.280320370430
20Coir Industry280320370430
21Cold drinks, soda and other allied products280320370430
22Cotton Ginning and Processing280320370430
24Dispensary of a Medical practitioner or in any establishment etc.280320370430
25Electrical bulbs280320370430
26Electricity Board280320370430
27Fisheries and Sea Food industries280320370430
28Finishing, Dyeing or Yarn and Fabrics, Painting and Knitting and Embroider280320370430
29Foundry Industry with or without attached Machine280320370430
30Forest produce such as Genduli Gum, Mahua, making of Coal and Resin.280320370430
31Gold and silver Ornaments and article of artistic design280320370430
32Glass industry280320370430
33Graphite Industry including280320370430
34Handloom & Hosiery280320370430
35Hotels, Eating Houses and Restaurants280320370430
36Ice Factories and Cold Storages.280320370430
37Jute Industry and Jute Twine Industry280320370430
38Kendu leaf collection280320370430
39Khadi village Industries including manufacture of Khandsari and other products280320370430
40Laundry including dry washing280320370430
41Local Authority280320370430
42Liquefied Petroleum Gas Manufacture and Distribution280320370430
43Leather Industry280320370430
44Manufactory of Matches fire works and explosives280320370430
45Metal Industries (except Cottage and280320370430
 Village Scale Units)    
46Minor engineering Industry (Less than280320370430
 50 persons)    
47Motor Body Building280320370430
48Nails and pins280320370430
49Oil Mills280320370430
50Paper and Card Board Industry280320370430
51Manufacture of Paints and Varnishes280320370430
52Petrol and Diesel Oil Pumps280320370430
53Pharmaceutical Industry280320370430
54Manufacture of  Plastic Products including toys280320370430
55Power Loom Industry280320370430
56Printing Press280320370430
57Private Road Transport280320370430
58Private Security Agencies / Services280320370430
59Public Motor Transport280320370430
60Public Health Engineering.280320370430
61Radio by assembling with parts280320370430
62Readymade Garments Industry280320370430
63Refractory Industry280320370430
64Regulated Markets, Marketing Societies, Cooperative Societies and Banks280320370430
65Rice Mills, Dal  Mills and Flour Mills280320370430
67Rubber and Rubber Products Industry280320370430
68Salt Pans280320370430
69Saw Mills280320370430
70Shops and Establishments280320370430
71Siali leave pluckers280320370430
72Soap and Detergent Manufactory280320370430
73Social Forestry280320370430
74Spinning Mills280320370430
75Stone Breaking or Stone Crushing280320370430
76Tamarind collection280320370430
77Tile and Brick Making280320370430
78Timber Trading (excluding felling, Sawing)280320370430
79Timber Trading including felling, Sawing280320370430
80Tobacco (including Beedi Making280320370430
81Trunks, Suitcase and Bucket manufactory280320370430
82Manufacture of Utensils including280320370430
 Aluminum and Hindalium products    
83Wood Works and Furniture making280320370430

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