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Minimum Wages – Himachal Pradesh

HP: Minimum Wages Revised w.e.f. 01-08-2018

Total Daily Minimum Wages (In Rupees Per Day)
S/nScheduled EmploymentUn-SkilledSemi-SkilledSkilledHighly Skilled
2Chemical and Chemical Products225233.37269.17329.5
3Construction or Maintenance of Roads or Building. Operations, Stone Breaking & Stone Crushing225242269.17329.5
4Domestic Workers (without benefits225240.55269.17
5Domestic Workers (where food, tea and combined accomodation is provided)156166.88186.92
6Establishments with manufacturing Process as defined in clause (K) of section-2 of Factories Act, 1948225233.37269.17329.5
7Engineering Industries225233.37269.17329.5
8Hotel and Restaurants (without benefits)225240.55269.17282.12
9Hotel and Restaurants  (where food, tea and combined accomodation is provided)199.47214.12243.37257.4
10Hospital and Nursing (without benefits)210225.55254.17267.12
11Hospital and Nursing (where food, tea and combined accomodation is provided)225240.55269.17282.12
12Hydro Power225240.55269.17282.12
13Pharmaceutical Industries225240.55269.17282.12
14Private Educational Institutes225240.55269.17282.12
15Public Motor Transport225235.17262.52295.5
16Public Transport – Running staff210220.17246.52280.5
17Safai Karamchari225242269.17329.5
18Security Services225242269.17329.5
19Shops & Commercial establishments (without benefits)225240.5269.17282.12
20Shops & Commercial establishments (where food, tea and combined accomodation is provided)199.47214.12243.37257.4
21Tea Plantation225
22Temples and Religious Places/Dharamshalas (without benefits)225240.5269.17282.12
23Temples and Religious Places/Dharamshalas (where food, tea and combined accomodation is provided)199.47214.12243.37257.4
24 Workers Working in Toll Tax Barriers225242269.17329.5
25Forestry Industry
26A) Felling Trees225
27i) Lopper (Changi)240.55
28ii) Feller (Garani)231.12
29B) Logging and sawing including timber passing:
30i)  Dresser (Panchani)231.12
31ii)Sawyer (Charani)295.5
32iii) Blacksmith274.4
33C) Carriage stacking and timber passing by manual labour:
34i)Mazdoor for carriage231.12
35ii)Mazdoor for loading and unloading of timber231.12
36D) Carriage of timber by Aerial ropeways:
37i) Span Mistry cum Supervisor295.5
38ii) Span Mistry274.4
39E) Carriage by water slide (pucci nalli) dry slide (Pathru), Nullah Bhaan Darya Bahaan (River floating):
40i) Mohri wala mistry320.15
41ii) Taru305.27
42iii)Asst. Mistry/Helper Mistry282.12
43iv) Darya man305.27
44v) Ghalu252.17
45vi) Jamadar252.17
46F) Mechanised logging and timber extraction
47i) Surveyor297.57
48ii) Ski-line operator274.4
49iii) Truck Driver254.3
50iv) Compressor driver254.3
51G) Clerical Staff
52i) Manager350.12
53ii) Accountant258.97
54iii) Munshi/Typist231.12
55H) Saw Mill Worker
56i) Band Saw Mistry274.4
57ii) Supervisor271.29
58iii) Head Mistry274.4
59iv) Boiler Driver274.4
60v) Assistant Mistry and Planner Mistry235.17
62vii) Cutter man231.12
63I) Katha Extraction:231.12
64i) Feller and Chipper231.12
65ii) Katha supervisor/katha processor230.55
66Highly skilled314.5

Minimum Wages – Himachal Pradesh – Revised wef 01-April-2018

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