Practical Guide to Payment of Wages Act & Rules


payment-of-wages-act-rules-sixth-edition-rear-pageAuthor : H L Kumar

Pages : 268

A large number of cases have arisen for clarificaton and interpretation of the provisions of this Act which were scattered in various Legal Journals and Reporters. An effort has been made to give the ratio of important decisions while explaining the provisions in simple language so that one should not search the required clarification in different sources.

The distinctiveness of the book is to provide reference and quotations (in the footnotes) of as many rulings as are relevant on any topic. Further, the principles laid down therein are explained in the concerned chapter so that the book is found useful for lawyers, trade union leaders, employers, judicial officers and the students of law.


Product Description

For the working class there cannot be any injustice greater than that which deprives a worker of his or her wages due to him from his employer. Also, it causes more hardship and distress than delays in receiving the wages a person needs for day-to-day living. Therefore, the Payment of Wages Act, 1936 has a historical background.