Practical Guide to Factories Act


Author : H L Kumar

Pages : 327


The book contains not only the clarifications of important sections but also the cases thereon.  It also provides the contextual framework of working hours, overtime, leave, health, safety and welfare, and among others, administration and enforcement of the Act.  Although the Factories Act, 1948 is a Central Act but rule making powers are delegated to the States. As a result, States have enacted their own Rules which are by and large, similar. The references given in the clarifications to the provisions, are as per Delhi Factories Rules, 1950 hence the readers should take them as illustrative.  Be it clarified that the Factories Rules of different States are in conformity with the Model Rules issued by the Government of India.



Product Description

The implementing authorities keep on harassing the factory owners for meticulous and not the substantial compliances of provisions of the law.  The prime purpose of this book is to broaden the application to add the case law and the simple approach of the author with its emphasis on short words and brief sentences.