Make Your Will Yourself


make-your-will-yourself-rear-pageAuthor : H L Kumar

Pages : 392

This book will serve as a guide to the intending testators, in preparing the flawless Will, capable of standing the test of any legal scrutiny after the death of the Will-maker. But then, it is not a child’s play to tackle the baffling conundrums and cobwebs of legal niceties. This book attempts to provide an answer to nearly all legal problems that might arise after the death of the testator so that the Will conveys exactly what the testator desires it to.


Product Description

Since wealth is a well-known corrupter of mind, which blinds humans from the distinction between the right and the wrong, it is important to preserve the confidentiality of the Will, for, the lack of confidentiality may pose a grave threat to the life of the testator.  In view of the complexities of today’s ambitious living, we have put this book together to help out the intending testators.