Book-Legal Drafting

Legal Drafting – Do it yourself


Author : H L Kumar

Pages : 464

This book tells you how to flawlessly draft Acknowledgement, Adoption, Affidavit, Agreements, Arbitration And Award, Bonds, Co-Operative Society And Its Registration, Company Law And Resolutions, The Consumer Protection Act, 1986, Franchising, Gift, Hire-Purchase, Marriage And Divorce Under Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, Labour Laws/Contracts, Employer-Employee Relationship, Lease, Licence, Notices, Negotiable Instruments Act, Partnership, Power-Of-Attorney, Patents And Trade Marks, Registration And Stamping Of Deeds/Documents, Receipt, Relinqueshment, Sale Deed, Sole Selling Agency, Will.


Product Description

Drafting legal documents is not easy and takes lot of effort and experience to draft a flawless document.   This book comes as a handy help in this matter.