Book-Resignation Retirement and VRS (1)

Law Relating to Resignation & VRS


Author : H L Kumar

Pages : 327

Many disputes arise about genuineness of a resignation. Its withdrawal before or after acceptance. Such disputes also pertains as to whether a resignation is voluntary or under undue influence or that the employer has used the blank paper or the resignation letter which was obtained from an employee at the time of joining his employment or that the signatures of the employees have been forged.

An attempts has been made to answer the above mentioned and other important aspects of resignation of an employee which are supported with the ratio of the important case laws. All possible aspects relating to VRS have been dealt in detail besides designing and implementing innovative Voluntary Retirement Schemes in addition to model drafts given for ready reference.

The book will be useful for employers, employees, lawyers, judges, labour courts, HRD executives and everybody interested to know about resignation and VRS.

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1. General

2. Withdrawal of resignation before or after acceptance

3. Necessity of acceptance of resignationâ

4. Resignation may be voluntary, express or implied

5. Involuntary/forced/coerced resignation amounts to wrongful termination of service

6. Miscellaneous



Voluntary retirement scheme (vrs) – an introduction

1. Notice of change for vrs

2. When an option for voluntary retirement can be withdrawn

3. When option for voluntary retirement cannot be withdrawn

4. Miscellaneous clarifications

5. Pro-formas suggested for voluntary retirement scheme

  • Specimen I: voluntary retirement scheme
  • Specimen II: voluntary retirement scheme
  • Specimen III: voluntary retirement scheme