Law Relating to Disciplinary Proceedings in Industries


Author : H L Kumar

Pages : 506

This book provides appropriate solutions to following problems.

In private employment a domestic enquiry is that of mistrust which arises essentially because the chargesheet is given by the employer and the enquiry is also held by an officer or an outsider appointed by the employer. The employer, as such represents both, the prosecutor and the Judge. A suspicion of bias is inevitable in such a situation. This is the main reason that the delinquent employees do not have faith in the enquiry officer. They participate reluctantly and take every possible step to frustrate the enquiries. They raise number of objections right from the validity of the appointment of enquiry officer. They also demand to be represented either by a lawyer or the Union leaders. They ask for a number of documents whether relevant or not. Also the delinquent employees or their representatives do not restrict the cross-examination of the witnesses and the enquiry officer has to take a decision under the given circumstances.   This book is there to cope up with such situations.


Product Description

The important provision of law relating to disciplinary action are elucidated in one place with analysis of the decided cases in this one of a kind book.