Book-Labour problem

Labour Problems & Remedies


Author : H L Kumar

Pages : 532

The Labour and the Management form an integral part of the Industry, however, if and when any problem arises in day-to-day working, this book, serving as a companion for ready reference, may succeed in bring calm to the troubled waters and help in avoiding impending crisis of any kind and dimension.  Such problems, as usually arise under labour laws, have been methodically arranged topic-wise. The judicial pronouncements with direct bearing on the relevant problems have been carefully analysed so as to help better understanding of their import as well as to know their applicability. For convenience of ready reference, the headings and sub-headings have also been arranged in their proper order and sequence.

The various labour problems under various Acts are very complicated and numerous volumes running into thousands of pages have been written on the subject. It has, therefore, been necessary to omit many related topics of interest to academics, lawyers and legal researchers. Similarly, lengthy references to the case law have been deliberately avoided. It is only fair to mention that in respect of complicated problems, though answers are available in the book, it is advisable to obtain expert legal advice on the subject, since the labour laws are being amended rapidly and the governments have also been issuing notifications from time-to-time.


Product Description

Large number of new cases have been added in this revised edition. Merely to regard labour problems as a crisis in human relationship would be oversimplifying a complex problem. For fruitful resolution of the problems, creating an atmosphere conducive to obtaining the desired result is necessary, the approach to them should be as earnest as it is humane.