Compliances under Labour Laws Rs. 350

Compliances under Labour Laws


In this book you will find the details of registers and records to be maintained by employers so as to facilitate the employers in their day-to-day functioning. Necessary information and reports of the occurrences and provided for timely compliance has been given in this book. The relevant provisions of all the 20 important labour enactments are arranged in easy language to understand the manner.


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‘Prevention is better than cure.’  This proverb is nowhere more apt than in the sphere of the compliance of labour laws. This is the area where ignorance can never be bliss. Therefore, it is better for the employers and their representatives to know the intricacies of the laws as the Authorities vested with unrestricted powers derive sadistic pleasure in harassing the employers and many a time, the plight of an employer is like that of a pigeon thrown to the cat.