History of LLR

With a record of continuous publication since 1968, Labour Law Reporter is a monthly Journal for Human Resource and Personal Management, that contains judgments with head notes, important points on the laws relating to Factories, Labour, Employee’s Compensation, Industrial Disputes, Employees’ State Insurance, Payment of Wages, Bonus, Gratuity, Provident Funds, etc., besides informative articles and solutions to labour and workplace issues, as regular features.


Way back in 1969, the entry of LLR was at a particular point of time when there were other journals / reporters also with wide circulation. A young advocate specializing in labour laws, being ardent in reading the judgments, found that the journals claiming to be about labour laws were competing with each other not for quality reporting of judgments but swallowing the volume with judgments pertaining to government servants, police and Defence Service personnel which were of least utility for those specializing in Labour Laws. The journals, as competing, were perhaps more concerned about number of pages and not the relevancy of judgments and in this race the subject ‘labour laws’ was getting neglected overlooking that there are over 178 Central and State Act.

It was that urge to do quality reporting of judgements pertaining to Labour Laws which motivated the young advocate, H L Kumar , to come out with a one-of-its-kind journal called ” Labour Law Reporter “.